Forsyth County AuxComm

Forsyth County AuxComm, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization providing auxiliary communications resiliency to Public Safety entities as well as supporting the Local Community and Public Charities with trained volunteer auxiliary communicators and a wide variety of two-way communications equipment.  Additionally, we provide training to local Amateur Radio operators, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) personnel and others in emergency communications response. Forsyth County AuxComm works in conjunction with state and local Emergency Management and following the DHS AuxComm structure encompasses all aspects of RACES and the ARRL ARES programsas well as GMRS, FRS and CB Operators. 

All members of Forsyth County AuxComm are volunteers and no one receives any payment for their services.  Amateur radio operators, often referred to as hams and called Communicators in AuxComm, participate by volunteering their time and the use of their radio equipment for AuxComm operations.  We are 100% volunteer and community funded.  Forsyth County AuxComm is not a department of any county or local government and receives no tax-payer funding.

Working hand in hand with local Amateur Radio Clubs, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), and other communications groups Forsyth County AuxComm has assembled a diverse group of experienced volunteer Emergency Communicators who are trained in the Incident Command System, SkyWarn (Storm spotting), Basic and Advanced Emergency Communications as well as many other aspects that enhance our ability to assist our partners emergencies, disasters and large or small public service events.