Membership in Forsyth County AuxComm

Membership in Forsyth County AuxComm is open to all individuals without regard to race, sex, religion or disability. Due to the nature of the services we provide and the partners we serve our members must read, write and speak English and may be required to pass a background check to work in certain areas such as an Emergency Operations Center.

Our members come from various backgrounds and are amateur radio operators, CERT team members, licensed GMRS operators and those interested in emergency service communications. There are no dues however members are encouraged to donate to the organization to enable us to meet our mission goals.

The only difference between the 2 membership levels is one requires a valid FCC Amateur Radio Operator
license the other does not, however these members are no less important to our mission. Both
memberships are fully deploy-able locally and required to have similar training.

Membership Levels:

Amateur Membership: Must hold a valid FCC Amateur Radio Operator license.

Regular Membership: Are any individual who desires to support the AuxComm mission. They may be trained CERT volunteers, CB / FRS / MURS operators.

We also offer Associate Membership for those individuals who desire to assist in the AuxComm mission but do not meet the qualifications for Amateur or Regular membership.  Associate members help provide administrative or other essential support. Associate members are not deploy-able unless authorized by the AuxComm Coordinator or designee based upon a specific mission requirement.

To become a member of Forsyth County AuxComm, complete the click the application button below, complete the form, and email to or by emailing to request an application form.