Forsyth County AuxComm operates with the FCC assigned callsign of WS4FC and conducts its communications operations primarily on Amateur Radio frequencies using local repeaters and other licensed services.  Personnel using these radio frequencies must hold a valid FCC issued Amateur Radio license.  Other non-license required frequencies may be used for special operations when interfacing with CERT units or other communications groups.

Primary Local Amateur Radio Repeaters Used:

W4NC Frequency 145.4700 (-) 100 Hz Tone

W4NC Frequency 146.6400 (-) 100 Hz Tone

W4NC Frequency 444.2750(+) 100 Hz Tone

K4GW Frequency 147.3150 (+) 100 Hz Tx Tone

Almost all local AuxComm operations are conducted using local VHF / UHF FM repeaters so hams of any class of license can participate.


Forsyth County AuxComm holds weekly Emergency Communications training nets on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and when applicable 5th Thursdays of the month at 2030 hours (8:30 PM) on the W4NC 145.4700 (+) (Tone 100 Hz) repeater.  These nets are used to practice procedures and provide training on relevant emergency / disaster response and public service communications.  All amateur radio operators are invited to participate in these nets.


Forsyth County AuxComm holds formal meetings and training every 3rd Thursday via Zoom at 2000 hours (8:00 PM). During this meeting we cover a variety of topics from procedures to preparedness to general business.  All members, active and associate are encouraged to participate.  To join the Zoom meeting use meeting code: 897 9792 5844 with the pass code of our organizations amateur callsign in lower case.

The 1st Monday of the First Month of a quarter is a closed BOD meeting.   Typically this meeting is for the board members to discuss organizational agreements with other agencies, personnel issues, financial planning and similar that does not need to be made public at the time.   The next two first Monday’s will be open to all FCAC members.  Meeting start at 1930 (7:30pm) and will typically be about an hour in length.

Meeting Schedule:

January / April / July / October –   Closed BOD only

All other months are Open Member meetings

Zoom meeting ID:  941 1293 9616 with the passcode being the units FCC callsign in lowercase letters.